“Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” – George Orwell

Acceptance is literally your key to freedom. Learning how to accept what you may not initially want is one of the most powerful gifts you can give your mind. As soon as you accept whatever it is that you have been at war with, the battle is won.

Acceptance can apply to almost every situation in life. At any low points of guilt, blame or distress, acceptance can be an instant breath of peace if you choose to allow it in. This doesn’t mean you can’t change something in your life that you’re unhappy with, it just enables you to tackle the change in a mindful and progressive way.

A couple of years ago, I was delivered a couple of major life challenges that lead me to the point of acceptance but it took a while to get there! The first major life event was ending of my marriage. The second was cancer and heart disease in my family. In the beginning, I was in disbelief. I was angry and felt helpless for my family members who were unwell. I carried enormous guilt and shame that I couldn’t keep my family together for my children. It was torment that lasted for quite a while, leading me into a rut of depression.

As soon as your adopt a mindset of anger, blame, guilt and shame, you begin a cycle that not only affects your mind but also affects your health and those around you. As I have mentioned in previous articles, energy doesn’t disappear, it transfers. So when I would walk into a room or even spend time with my children in this state, it was a vibe that no one wanted to be apart of. Of course this causes even more negative manifestation and around the cycle goes until you feel like you’re too far down the spiral to get out.

I had to hit wall after wall after wall until I finally reached a point of acceptance (what I like to describe as the ‘dancing in the rain’ moment). Until that moment, I had always relied on those close to me for help and guidance, and if they hadn’t been able to offer help I was deeply hurt. What I hadn’t realised, is the help I needed was to come from me and my own mind. This was the helping hand of acceptance.

Acceptance allows you to understand that chapters finish and new ones had start. That is the progression of life. You grow a greater understanding that some things in life are out of our control and that’s okay.

It’s points in our lives when we feel like we’re hitting rock bottom can be the most developmental times in our lives and come to us as a blessing in disguise.

I believe that life has a way of delivering us the learning lessons that we need in order to grow. It’s how we deal with those challenges that determine our success.

How do you learn to accept?

I am a big fan of affirmations. Affirmations are powerful and can help you pave the way to accepting whatever it is you’re facing. Each time you find yourself thinking back and feeling that frustrating pain of dismay, calmly repeat an accepting affirmation to let your subconscious know that you really are okay and that you trust that there is a purpose behind the challenge that you’re facing.

Here’s a list of daily affirmations from self-help author, Louisa Hay. I have used her work on many occasions and highly recommend following her YouTube affirmation blog for those wanting to go deeper.

“I choose to focus on what I can control and have faith that the rest will work out.”

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. (12).jpg

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