When human rights are removed and we the people have no trust in a corrupt system, who do you turn to in a time of need?

The truth is, we all know to some degree that we are all a part of a stage show. The actors stand as our leaders and the real producers hide behind the scenes.

From our own comfort zone, we say “they wouldn’t do this or they couldn’t get away with that” so we turn a blind eye. However, we have all seen within our own peers the travesty and grotesque greed that can come from humans when given positions of power over others and handed a plate full of ‘significance’. We know the power of crowd behaviour and that people naturally are easily influenced by this. Just think back to school bullying and how easily it is for this behaviour to spread. Rumours are created and those who are considered different from the mould of what’s ‘normal’ are teased. Do we actually believe we grow up from this, or do we just become more calculated in our approaches? So why should it be any different for the wealthiest names on the planet?

Could they actually own the globe, all the healthcare, the media, the education systems, manipulate the science, cover up crimes and change the laws – all whilst getting away with it?

Personally, I find it ignorant that we could view it any other way. We’re given the ideas of choice in many aspects in our life, especially when it comes to politics and media sources but even the smallest scratch on the surface will reveal the same puppeteers pulling all the strings.

In this point of time life can be viewed as hopeless and catastrophic, with a whirlwind of misinformation shooting at us from every direction. It’s overwhelming and it’s easier for us to stick to preconceived ideas and what we have been taught than it is to change our thinking, shift our minds and reshape the way we live. However, it is now more than ever that we need to listen to one another and open our minds to all possibilities, regardless of our current beliefs.

It’s now that we need to show love more than ever before, to understand more than ever before and to be as open as we possibly can. Start talking. Ask another their opinions, share your ideas, read all sources of information, research for yourself and be aware of masked agendas where there is big money involved.

Throw away the weapons from the ego and stand with heart and eyes open. There is no denying that we are one, made from the same stardust. We have the answers already – all we have to be is willing to grow and learn.

Let’s have this conversation…

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