Who else sick and tired of emotional abuse being confused for love? Emotional and mental abuse accepted and encouraged as normal behaviour? It seems our society is stuck on this idea that control, insecurity, and demands are just expressions of love. 

“He (or she) wouldn’t be like that if they didn’t love you! It’s because they care so much!” 

No. It’s because their ego cares so much. When it comes to you? Well, there’s no real care at all. How does the control make you feel? The blame you take for their insecurities and demands? What toll is it taking on you? How is your mental and emotional well-being? Not so good, right? 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but your partner cares about what you do for them and what they gain from being with you— nothing to do with what’s best for you. You’re not an individual to them; you’re a commodity, a possession. Let’s be real here: they could easily replace you if their ego were rubbed the right way by another person. It hurts to hear but unfortunately, it’s all about them. 

What are some examples of this so-called ‘love’? 

Do you have a partner who dictates what you wear and who you talk to? Sometimes the little love bunny may disguise these rules as ‘looking out for you’ by reminding you who you can and cannot trust. They’re the first to tell you that your friends are bad role models. Remember, you’re too naive to make those decisions yourself.  

How about a partner who accuses you of making them overreact and blames you for their insecurities, even though you’ve done nothing to break their trust? The point is you might, and that’s enough reason for them to attack you daily.  

Does your partner demand to know all the details? Who was there, who you spoke to, and if you dared to tell anyone about your dysfunctional relationship?  You may need someone to talk to, but you have to understand their ego and pride won’t allow them to be exposed for what they are. Since you’re their property, they need to know where you are and who you’re with at all times. 

Perhaps it’s the partner who doesn’t seem interested in your concerns? God help you if you don’t listen to theirs! 

It’s the classic partner who has double-standards on almost everything and makes you second-guess yourself. 

And of course, the partner who constantly reminds you of everything they do for you and points out how lucky you are to be with them.  

So what is emotional abuse? 

It’s a partner who treats you like shit, a partner who doesn’t love you and whom you’re only with out of fear, guilt or pity. 

Your partner is emotionally abusive, lacking the emotional and mental maturity of a high-functioning relationship based on equality, communication and love. 

But you feel compelled to stay as you are always told any problems are your fault.. and so you try even harder.. but it won’t work… The best way to help them is to force them to confront the reality of who they are and the best way to help you is to GET OUT and start to grow out of your confines. 

Got any more examples of so-called love? Add your comments below! 

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. (7).jpg

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