We’re turning to holistic goals. We’re wanting to achieve something greater than a promotion at work and another step up the ladder.

It’s the day of becoming the best version of yourself and connecting with higher consciousness. The mental shift is amazing and very exciting time to be a part of. We’re slowly but surely turning away from what we know to be wrong and turning towards a path of mindful development. How do you know when it’s happening within you? It’s the movement of becoming consciously aware of what you’re putting into your bodies, that small discomfort when you judge another, that sinking feeling when you let your values slip and that split second of guilt when you throw out the plastic. We want to be better, we want to do good. We’re on our way. Sometimes, all we need is a few small reminders and key steps.

STOP Judging

You can’t judge another until you have walked a day in their shoes. You already know this. You agree with this, but are you living by it? The minute you judge another, you categorise them based on what you perceive to be true. You’re ignorant to their situation, experience and circumstance. To cast a judgement is close-minded and only shows your own limitations, so really, you’re letting yourself down and hindering your development.

How empowering is it when someone criticises another and you politely but firmly take a diplomatic stand and don’t join in. It’s a win-win. You will strengthen your own relationships with your peers, as you will be seen as a trustworthy person that holds integrity.

Eliminating judgement is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself.

Check your energy

Energy is not destroyed, it is transferred from one person to another. Notice when someone is in a bad mood and it brings you and everyone else down? It literally does just that. Whenever you’re around others and stepping through the front door, check what energy you’re bringing to the table.

Your energy should be a key focus for mindful development. It contributes to who you attract and how others will treat you. It can be so hard to stay on top of this after a stressful day at work or a busy lifestyle, so it sometimes requires a bit of effort. One of the easiest ways I have found in shifting my energy state is listening to music or having a laugh. Before you get out of your car and head into the house, chuck on a funny YouTube clip and have a giggle or listen to an uplifting song that can’t help but shift your mood.


Be aware of your surroundings and hold either appreciation or acceptance for what is currently in your life. If it’s adding value to your life, appreciate it and be openly grateful. If it’s a circumstance you would like to change, but may not yet be able to, find acceptance. This doesn’t mean you accept it and don’t try to improve it, but don’t carry any negative emotions towards it.

We live such fast lives, we almost skim over everything that isn’t part of ourselves. When you become more aware, you see things as they are and in a different light. Notice how the tree outside your window is moving? Or looking up at the night’s sky and being taken in by how surreal the concept of Space is!

Awareness is going to be that little bit of magic that puts it all into perspective and makes you realise that you are alive in the present. What a wonderful gift that is.

Do you have any other key steps to mindful development? Feel free to share them below.




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